Single-piece and short-run production of components according to customers drawings


Export: 2018 - 2022

Sectors: 2018 - 2022

What our customers say

Fantastic. Thank you and your team very much for your help.

E. S.
Project Engineer
England, United Kingdom

The time it has taken to produce the components is a credit to you as well. Once again, thanks!

T. M.
Project Manager
WA, Australia

Your delivery reliability was 100% between July and September 2015.
Congratulations on this great performance.

J. S.

The team at VMV has grown into a very capable manufacturing company. Unlike some companies that emerged from former state-owned enterprises, VMV has successfully adapted and responds to today’s customer requirements quickly, pragmatically, and analytically. VMV’s highly effective team are now well-established in the field of machine assembly and have built-up a strong knowledge base.

To sum up, VMV is one of our go-to suppliers and well equipped for the future.

D. E.
Head of Procurement and Logistics
Hesse, Germany

I'm sending you the benchmark report. ...

  • JIT 99.4 %
  • Perf 100 %
  • Reject 0 %

VMV was the best supplier in August.

A. A.
Initial Buyer Sourcing

Congratulations, you have made into our Excellent Suppliers group again.

F. R.
Head of Materials Management

The results achieved for delivery quality and delivery reliability were 100% and 98% respectively.
This gives an overall score of 99%.

M. S.


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