Single-piece and short-run production of components according to customers drawings


VMV, spol. s r. o. 

Žižkova 4318/53
58601 Jihlava
Czech Republic

Phone: +420 567 304 921
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Registrar of companies: District court in Brno, reference C3139
Legal form: Společnost s ručením omezeným (company with limited liability)
Nominal capital: CZK 1,020,000.00
Company registration number: 18199101
Year of formation: 1991

Sales tax code: CZ18199101
EUID (The European Unique Identifier): CZVROR.18199101

Management: Petr Maschita, Daniel Vopálenský

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Turned part including milling and grinding Part: Nut Material: CuSn12 ...
CNC turning Part: Piston Material: CuPb1...
Milled part incl. plasma nitriding and bushings Part: Plate Material: 1.8519...

VMV, spol. s r. o.  
Žizkova 4318/53 Phone: +420 567 304 921
58601 Jihlava E-mail:
Czech Republic  

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