Single-piece and short-run production of components according to customers drawings


VMV is a well-established mechanical engineering company and has been serving international markets for over 30 years. The business builds strongly on the tradition of mechanical engineering in the Czech town of Jihlava where VMV is based.

Founded with a focus on CNC milling, VMV are also experts in batch production and one-off production. Other core services are machining and CNC turning. Depending on customer requirements, the company will assemble measurement and test equipment, sub-assemblies, and complete machines.

Expert services

  • CNC milling and turning
  • One-off and batch production from customer drawings
  • Heat and surface treatment of parts
  • Assembling sub-assemblies of completed components
  • Testing and set-up
  • Production and assembly of complex machinery in line with customer requirements
VMV, spol. s r. o.  
Žizkova 4318/53 Phone: +420 567 304 921
58601 Jihlava E-mail:
Czech Republic  

The VMV team manufactures parts based on customer specifications and drawings, delivering superb quality to a wide range of industrial sectors. The majority of production involves CNC machines, with processes including CNC turning, CNC milling, and drilling or milling holes.
Steel, aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron, free-cutting steel, non-ferrous metals (brass, bronze, copper), and various plastics are typical materials worked using CNC milling and turning at VMV. The company offers a range of finishing processes for CNC turned and milled parts, such as grinding and polishing, heat and surface treatments, and applying coatings. VMV also assembles pneumatic, hydraulic, and electrical components.
VMV benefits from special expertise in the fields of CNC milling and continuous five-axis milling, manufacturing everything from simple flat/long parts to complex cubic parts meeting stringent quality standards.