Single-piece and short-run production of components according to customers drawings


VMV, spol. s r. o. is a wholly Czech-owned company that was established in 1991 when a former tool manufacturer was privatized. The business builds on the long tradition of mechanical engineering in Jihlava, the town where it is based. VMV's main activities are CNC milling, CNC turning, machining, batch production, and one-off production.




Company Information

  • Company name: VMV, spol. s r. o.
  • Headquarters: Žižkova 4318/53, 58601 Jihlava, Czech Republic
  • Legal form: company with limited liability
  • Registration number: 18199101
  • Sales tax number: CZ18199101
  • D&B D-U-N-S number: 49-513-1328
  • EUID (The European Unique Identifier): CZVROR.18199101
  • Year of formation: 1991
  • Number of employees: approx. 60
  • Exports: approx. 95%
  • Certification: EN ISO 9001
  • Membership: Jihlava Chamber of Commerce
  • GPS coordinates: 49° 34' 39.04" N 15° 34' 48.01" E

The company is registered with the registrar of companies in Brno (record number: C 3139, nominal capital: 1,020,000.00 CZK). 

VMV’s Philosophy

Solving our customers' problems is our top priority. We do this by applying an end-to-end, quality-managed approach to production and by ensuring timely delivery on a comprehensive range of mechanical engineering products.
For us, the ideal end product is a machined part, assembly or piece of equipment that is shipped correctly, is delivered and paid for, and matches our customers' requirements and expectations.
VMV is committed to the welfare and professional development of its employees. We actively encourage staff to engage in opportunities to develop their skills and to become part of the solution themselves. The company achieves this by paying fair wages, providing a good working environment, and structuring the organization effectively.
VMV is a thriving and growing company with expertise in batch and one-off production, and CNC milling in particular. It enjoys a good reputation with the public and staff alike.

Company History


  • VMV established as a company through privatization of a former tool manufacturer


  • New company commences operations
  • Orders taken to manufacture single pieces and small batches
  • Focus on exports to Austria


  • Company starts exporting to Germany
  • Building sub-assemblies and entire machines added to the service portfolio


  • New customers acquired in Austria and Germany
  • Investments in CNC technology (CNC milling and CNC turning)
  • Exports reach 90%


  • Further investments in CNC technology (CNC milling and CNC turning)
  • New information system commissioned


  • QMS certified to ISO 9001:2000


  • Czech Republic joins the European Union
  • Customer portfolio continues to grow


  • Further major investment in CNC technologies (three machining centers)


  • Initial production of complex assembly machines, including testing and preparation for commissioning


  • Exports to Switzerland


  • Exports to the Netherlands


  • Investment in CNC technologies (CNC turning machine with motorized tools and CNC machining center)


  • QMS re-certified according to the new EN ISO 9001:2008 standard
  • Exports increase to 99%


  • 20 years since the company was formed


  • Five-axis machining introduced


  • New Leitz Reference Xi coordinate measuring machine in operation


  • 25 years since the company was formed
  • New ERP System


  • New five-axis machine Microcut MCG-5X 800


  • QMS re-certified according to the new EN ISO 9001:2015 standard


  • Permitted trade in military material


  • 30 years anniversary

Our Story

VMV specializes in CNC milling, batch production, and one-off production. The company was established in October 1991 through the privatization of a former tool manufacturer. Production commenced in January 1992 when the company started to take orders to manufacture single pieces and small batches. VMV also focused on exporting some of its output to neighboring Austria at this time. In 1994, the company began exporting to Germany and added assembly of sub-assemblies and complete machines to its service portfolio.

1997 saw a considerable increase in the number of customers from Austria and Germany. As a result, VMV invested in CNC technologies such as CNC milling and CNC turning, enabling the company to respond to even the most challenging requirements from customers. By this time, exports accounted for 90% of production. Three years later, VMV made another significant investment in CNC technology, which boosted production efficiency still further. In parallel, the company put a new information system in place.

2002 was another important year for VMV when it introduced a quality management system (QMS) to comply with the ISO 9001:2000 standard. With the Czech Republic joining the European Union in 2004, the company's portfolio of foreign customers surged. This led VMV to invest in additional CNC technologies the following year, when it also purchased three machining centers. Complex assembly tasks could now be added to the core offering of CNC milling and batch and one-off production.

In 2007, the company started exporting to Switzerland and then the Netherlands. As production continued to expand, the company made further investments in CNC technology. VMV installed a CNC turning machine with motorized tools in its production facilities in 2009, as well as another milling machine for CNC milling and turning. The QMS was re-certified in 2010 to comply with the EN ISO 9001:2008 standard. That same year, the company's exports represented 99% of sales. In 2012, the company began to offer five-axis machining as a service.

VMV, spol. s r. o.  
Žizkova 4318/53 Phone: +420 567 304 921
58601 Jihlava E-mail:
Czech Republic