Single-piece and short-run production of components according to customers drawings


We perform five-axis machining (milling) to produce precision parts from a wide range of different materials:

  • Steel, duralumin (aluminum), stainless steel, free-cutting steel, brass, bronze, copper, plastics


Working from customers' drawings, we manufacture a wide range of top-quality milled parts, from all manner of materials, to meet the demands of specific industries. We are experts in both indexed 3+2 milling and continuous five-axis milling. The CNC machining center we operate are the DECKEL MAHO DMU 60 monoBLOCK and MICROCUT MCG-5X 800.

We use the following software both for five-axis machining and for CNC milling

  • HSMWorks 5X 2012 CAM system (CAM for SolidWorks)
  • SURFCAM Velocity 2-Axis CAM system
  • SolidWorks Professional CAM system

Five-axis machining is available for small batches and one-off production of

  • Flat parts
  • Long parts
  • Cubic parts

In addition to five-axis machining, we have the facilities to perform finishing and assembly tasks

  • Assembly
  • Heat treatment
  • Finishes: anodized, hard anodized, black oxidized, chrome, hard chrome, galvanized, nickel plated, painted coatings, etc.



Continuous 5-axis CNC machining VMV Jihlava


DMU 60 monoBLOCK
MCG-5X 800
Number of machines 1 1
Control system
Heidenhain 530 Heidenhain 530
Max. dimensions for machined parts Table diameter 600
500 x 500 x 370
Table diameter 800
600 x 800 x 600
Max. workpiece mass 50 kg 300 kg
Tool holder
Number of tool stations
24 96 (2x 48)
Spindle head swivel range
+30 / -120
+120 / -120
Spindle speed
18,000 rpm 18,000 rpm
VMV, spol. s r. o.  
Žizkova 4318/53 Phone: +420 567 304 921
58601 Jihlava E-mail:
Czech Republic  

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